70% of editing is just looking at ur work for a few hours with this face


true story

true for drawing

true for video editing

true for writing

just true

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  • reading a fanfic
  • first line is OOC
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I love this way too much

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Anonymous: HaruRei fight over the picturesque pumpkin

Rain pelts the window and Rei frowns at the sight in front of him.  Three perfectly shaped pumpkins await him on the counter under the window.  He catches sight of his displeased reflection for a moment and frowns even deeper.  It’s not as though he doesn’t appreciate the gesture.  But he just can’t do this and Haru knows that.  He knows that Haru knows that.

So why are there three pumpkins sitting on their counter?

A new refection joins his in the window and he sighs.  ”Haruka why are there pumpkins?”

Haru shrugs and rests his chin on Rei’s shoulder.  ”It’s for the Halloween party.”

"The one we weren’t going to host this year?"  Haru’s reflected eyes meet his for a moment and then he looks down at the pumpkins with a small smile.  "What did Nagisa bribe you with this time?"  A small huff of laughter tickles his cheek just before Haru kisses it.

"Nagisa didn’t bribe me."

"The twins then?"


"Makoto?  Gou?"

"Everyone."  Haru smiles a little against Rei’s neck before slipping around him to inspect the pumpkins.


"Everyone will be back this year."

Rei’s frown instantly drops and he sighs.  Well that certainly explained it.  They haven’t all been able to be together at the same time for nearly three years.  Someone was always stuck somewhere, unable to get the time off or the weather was against them.  The tiny smile on Haru’s lips at the thought of everyone together was something Rei couldn’t find it in himself to erase and he had to admit he had been missing seeing everyone together as well.

"Fine but I am not," he shudders as he gestures towards the pumpkins, "dealing with their innards this year."

The smile he gets in return is one he knows he’d do anything to see and one he knows is his alone.  ”That’s fine.”  Haru points to the living room.  ”I have some sketches in there.  Pick out your favorite ones for the pumpkins and I’ll take care of the rest.”

The sketches he finds are, as usual, amazing and he has a hard time picking just three.  He shies away from the creepier looking ones, keeping in mind that Makoto would already most likely be on edge with Nagisa’s sugar fueled trickery all night, and has to roll his eyes a little at the mermaids.  He doesn’t doubt Haru’s ability to carve the intricate details of some of the images but he would like to be able to have some non-pumpkin carving time with his partner between now and Halloween.

When he comes back to the kitchen with his choices later Haru immediately stops cleaning out the second pumpkin and washes his hands carefully before meeting Rei in the doorway with another of those small smiles that Rei cherishes.  He nods in approval when he sees Rei’s choices.

"If we have to deal with pumpkins we at least get to have roasted pumpkin seeds right?"  Rei asks hopefully as he eyes the bowlful of slimy, stringy orange mess on the table.

"For you?  Of course."





I just don’t understand where this concept of ‘fake geek girls’ came from. Like, AT ALL.

Cus when I look for fandom related stuff like 90% of the fan art and the fanfiction and the meta, zines, comics, etc. Like 90% of the shit that I’ve seen is created by women & girls.

And all that stuff take’s a lot of work and research and critical analysis and staring at reference photos for hours.

We are literally the most well versed and invested group in the fandom. So, like, What the fuck boys? You mad you can’t keep up?

I saw an argument, and I can’t find it now, but it totally made sense, that there’s a gender split in fandom. Male fandom tends to be a curator fandom; male fandom collects, organizes, and memorizes facts and figures. Male fandom tends to be KEEPERS of the canon; the fandom places great weight on those who have the biggest collection, the deepest knowledge of obscure subjects, the first appearances, creators, character interactions.

Female fandom is creative. Females create fanart, cosplay, fanwritings. Female fandom ALTERS canon, for the simple reason that canon does not serve female fandom. In order for it to fit the ‘outsider’ (female, queer, POC), the canon must be attacked and rebuilt, and that takes creation.

"Male" fandom devalues this contribution to fandom, because it is not the ‘right’ kind of fandom. "Girls only cosplay for attention, they’re not REAL fans!" "Fanfiction is full of stupid Mary Sues, girls only do it so they can make out with the main character!" "I, a male artist, have done this pin-up work and can put it in my portfolio! You, a female artist, have drawn stupid fanart, and it’s not appropriate to use as a professional reference!"

In the mind of people who decry the ‘fake geek girl,’ this fandom is not as worthy. It damages, or in their mind, destroys the canon. What is the point of memorizing every possible romantic entanglement of heterosexual white Danny Rand if someone turns around and creates a fanwork depicting him as a bisexual female of Asian descent (thus subverting Rand’s creepy ‘white savior’ origins)? When Danny Rand becomes Dani Rand, their power is lessened. What is important to them ceases to be the focus of the discussion. Creation and curatorship can work in tandom, but typically, in fandom, they are on opposite poles.

This is not to say that there aren’t brilliant male cosplayers or smashing female trivia experts, this is to say that the need of the individual fan is met with opposing concepts: In order for me to find myself in comics, I need to make that space for myself, and that is a creative force. Het white cis males are more likely to do anything possible to defend and preserve the canon because the canon is built to cater to them.

This is genuinely the best post I have ever read.

Comment bolded by me because effing important that’s why.

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▶ Yes coffee shop & spy AUs are totally cute but here are some more AUs I need


  • Accidentally fell asleep on each other on the train au
  • Always in front of me in line for the coffee shop with a ridiculous order that takes forever to make au
  • "I moved into the appartment next door and it’s 100% haunted please let me crash here for the night" au
  • "I may or may not have robbed a bank just now and please help me get away i’ll repay you in sexual favours and also cash" au
  • Neighbour who’s way too enthuisiastic about LOTR soundtracks au
  • That one asshole costumer that always comes in 5 minutes before the store is about to close au
  • "I don’t know you but you were at that party last night and long story short I now have your name tatooed on my ass" au
  • "Could you please move your bed a little further from the wall I’m trying to work" au
  • "My friends dared me to go on this rollercoaster but now that we’re at the top it looks way too scary and hellO hot person sitting next to me (careful i might puke)" au
  • "I was trying to take a sneeky picture of you because i told my friend about the hot guy on the train and she wanted to see but you totally noticed and yeah this is awkward" au
  • "That is a hideous shirt you should totally just take it off" au
  • "That asshole stole my song at karaoke night" au
  • Met on the fireescape outside the appartment for smokes au
  • Ice hockey rival teams au
  • Hot lifeguard au
  • 911 operator au

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Miracles WeekDay 7: Free Throw

Free DayGoM Then and Now

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kuroo’s “i’m always this nice” line cracks me up every time because he was kidding but he really is. i just want him to say this to bokuto and bokuto’s just like “i know, dude, that’s why you’re my favorite!!” and kuroo goes home and lies awake at night thinking about it…. what does it mean….

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So apparently all I am going to accomplish today is maybe some laundry and writing.  Possibly dishes.

So much for plans made….


friendship’s really weird. Like, you just pick some humans you’ve met and you’re like “yup. i like these ones” and you just do stuff with them

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People are still saying there’s not enough strong female characters in supernatural 


First demon to kill an angel


disobeys the king of hell


In charge of heaven 


Hacks Leviathan leader


Kick starts the apocalypse


Sacrifices herself to save dean


Renegade angel 

Need I say more

A lack of strong female characters in SPN isn’t the problem.

The problem is that most of them are dead.


thinking about ur otps napping is SO IMPORTANT. Does one protectively shush anyone who comes near their sleeping partner. Does one come home to find the other sleeping on the floor under a table or curled in a corner. Does the partner wake them up and move them to some place more comfortable or do they roll their eyes and cover them with a blanket whatever weird place they are. Do their roommates come home to find them both tangled in impossible positions and marvel at how they are somehow asleep. Who gets really emotional the first time they fall asleep together. Who drools on the other one’s chest. Who wakes up with the other’s hair in their nose. these are the necessary questions. 

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