"Are you sure you should be ignoring your messages?  What if it’s something urgent?"  Rei bit back a groan as the fingers sunk into his skin skillfully.  These kinds of noises were not something he wanted anyone to hear.  No matter how wonderful his body felt getting this kind of attention.

"You’ve read all the books you can lay your hands on and you have a mile long list of things you do to prepare.  Yet you never stopped to think that just stretching wasn’t going to be enough to keep you from hurting yourself?"  Rin slid his fingers a little further to the side and pressed, feeling Rei’s muscles twitch under his skin.

"Just because you’ve been swimming longer doesn’t mean you need to, ah-" this time he couldn’t hold in his voice as Rin found the knot in his muscles that had been giving him so much trouble.  He could hear the grin in Rin’s voice as he spoke over Rei’s whimpering groan.

"That’s right I’ve been swimming longer so the least you could do is listen to me once in awhile."  Doing his best to work the tension out of Rei’s lower back without hurting him, inflicting pain on people wasn’t really his thing, he couldn’t help but smirk as the younger swimmer covered his head with a pillow to stifle his sounds.  "So as thanks for me coming over I want to hear you admit I’m right."

"What do you mean?"

"I want you to say," his fingers hit the knot just right and Rei yelped, pulling his head out from the pillow and turning to glare at Rin, "these words: I’m sorry I was an idiot and didn’t listen to my Senpai and didn’t take a day or two off like he told me to therefore I wound up calling him at five in the morning on his morning off because I was in too much pain to get out of bed and too embarrassed to call anyone else."  The phone on the table beside his bed buzzed again and Rei glanced at it lying beside his glasses.

"You should check the messages.  It’s probably important."

"I am focusing on what’s important right now."  Rin muttered as he continued to massage the tension out of Rei’s back, moving up to his shoulders when he was satisfied he had worked the worst of the knot out.  "And what’s important is the fact that despite how smart you are about some things you obviously can’t take care yourself.  Just accept that I’m right, shut up, and relax.  I don’t let just anyone get away with waking me up at five A.M. for a damn massage you know."  

October 09, 2013
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